Choosing a car is hard, but it’s even harder to choose a car that has lived. Many questions arise: “What kind of car will be the more suitable? Where can I buy it? How can I be sure it’s not a SPAM?” gives you some tips in this article to prevent you from making mistakes and help you to loose yourself in the Internet Jungle…

An adapted model for your needs

One of the important things when you’re looking for a car is to choose a model adapted to your way of life. If you have a big family with children, choose a SUV like Renault Scenic with XXL size in order to guarantee a lot of space. Or when single and living in the city, a small format which park easily like Toyota Aygo or Renault Twingo seems to be a good option for you.

The right price

When you have a choice to make, be rational and stay aware that a good car is not necessarily an expensive car. If the difference between two categories of vehicles might not be a problem at first sight, it could bring additional cost with maintenance, fuel or insurance.

What is important?

Be careful with the horsepower and the fuel type of the car you want to buy. If the car is too powerful, it will cost more with your insurance and energy taxes. Conversely, a less powerful vehicle can be quite umcomfortable during long distances and it will be harder to sell afterwards. Concerning fuel type, choose diesel only if you drive a lot (average of 30 000km a year). Otherwise, the engine will become dirty.

Maintain your vehicle

The more your vehicle is checked by professionals, the longer you will keep it in good condition. Don’t forget maintenance costs when you buy the vehicle. Check the vehicle maintenance manual and have a look on review costs and on the most frequent repair according to the model and brand.

Where to find my car ? 

To conclude, be careful with all the websites you find and focus only those which have good reputation. Keep in mind that is the #1 automotive classifieds platform in the country, with fifty of thousands of monthly pageviews and more than 15,000 followers on Facebook pages, which assure you to find the vehicle of your dreams !