Washing your car and maintaining it in a good state is really important, first for you and your own comfort, and secondly if you want to sell your car at the best price!

A number of professionals recommend washing your car once a week but if you do not have time, it is strongly advised to wash it at least once every two months. The exterior wash of your car cleans and especially protects your car from everyday environmental threats. In the end, you protect your car from traces, discoloration, rust and more, by regularly bringing it to an automatic washing station.

We have selected for you two different companies based in Apia that will help you get your car shiny, wether it is for the exterior, and take out all the dust and mud, or for the interior.

Don’t hesitate to ask them anything like to vacuum all interiors including seats, belt, mats, footwells, boot, to clean windows, to rinse to remove grime and debris, to detail and clean all chrome trims, to detail door and boot jams, to apply tyre shine, etc…